is latanya bugging anyone else?

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10-09-2007 10:53:16

or am i the only lucky one

[img710d986f75]http/" alt=""/"110/3244/[" alt=""/img710d986f75][=http//img="][img710d986f75]http/" alt=""/"110/3244/[" alt=""/img710d986f75]

[img710d986f75]http/" alt=""/"403/5792/[" alt=""/img710d986f75][=http//img="][img710d986f75]http/" alt=""/"403/5792/[" alt=""/img710d986f75]

when the first PM came in, i thought it was a legitimate question so I responded...i received this

[img710d986f75]http/" alt=""/"526/3335/[" alt=""/img710d986f75][=http//img="][img710d986f75]http/" alt=""/"526/3335/[" alt=""/img710d986f75]

sure enough, i got another PM an hour and a half later.

[img710d986f75]http/" alt=""/"525/9545/[" alt=""/img710d986f75][=http//img="][img710d986f75]http/" alt=""/"525/9545/[" alt=""/img710d986f75]



10-09-2007 11:09:42

If she's bugging you with spam, tell a mod & it'll stop.

The first bowl of the season is Saturday. Of course, it's the toilet bowl. Michigan vs Notre Damn we suck!


11-09-2007 09:37:35

you arent the only one, I just didnt see a mod on when she was doing it


11-09-2007 10:40:10

Yep, same exactly PMs sent to me 2 days ago. Haven't gotten around to PMing a mod, so glad this thread popped up. She definitely needs to be banned. Sounds like she's doing it to pretty much everyone.


11-09-2007 12:13:10

Plus her website link is a site filled with tons of those retarded sites that say you can quit your job and make $1,000 a day online... seriously needs to be banned, she probably gets all her refs from spamming...


11-09-2007 13:01:19

Yeah, I banned her. I've dealt with her on the same topic several times before.


13-09-2007 09:16:49

I had several PM's from her within minutes of registering