Most expensive Wii game?

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09-09-2007 21:47:47

I'm considering running a raffle on a site I own, with a Wii game as the prize. I'd like to be able to offer "any Wii game", but I want to cover my butt in case there is a more expensive one I've missed. Anyone know what the most expensive one is? I might just put a clause in the TOS about maximum prize value.


10-09-2007 02:54:17

I'm not sure when you will be hosting this raffle, but Guitar Hero III, I think is supposed to be $90 (not sure of when it comes out, seems like October/November). Other than that, the other most expensive games would be

Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party (with DDR Controller) - $70 - Not out yet.
High School Musical Sing It - $60 - Not out yet.

Boogie - $60 (most expensive game CURRENTLY out). I may have missed some, but it doesn't seem like it. All the others are $50 and below.

- Patrick