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02-09-2007 17:51:19

right so i really really [ib1a27c23fd]really[/ib1a27c23fd] wanna get a guitar and learn how to play and the whole deal

any tips for anything that's good to start with (guitars, lessons, etc)?

oh and im a HUGE fan of classical rock (rolling stones, doors, the who, etc)

and bob dylan too

merci beaucoup



02-09-2007 18:27:51

check out this thread



02-09-2007 19:01:13

buy a cheap guitar

If you can afford it, take lessons

AT LEAST take band in school so you can get a feel for music, rhythm, and such. I have a guitarist now who sucks b/c he has no sense of rhythm.


02-09-2007 19:52:27

i tried but i gave up. i just couldn't get the hang of it even after practicing quite a bit.

if you don't have a guitar yet there's some guitar starter packs on my site (on fun.somethin4nothin). i bought my guitar and my amp at two different pawn shops. i might've gotten overcharged a little bit (tho they weren't very much), considering the guitar doesn't even list a make or model, but you might try that route.


02-09-2007 19:56:02

You'll need a guitar, some fingers and at least one ear.

For learning, the guitar doesn't really make a difference, as long as it has at least 6 strings and is in tune.

Have a deek http//


02-09-2007 20:12:28


Free lessons...


02-09-2007 22:26:39

This might sound like shitty advice, but this is the route I took. Find a song you're particularly fond of that doesn't sound too difficult to play (for me, it was "Spiders" by System of a Down... just the intro, which is actually played on a bass, but I didn't know that at the time). Go online and google for "tab" for that song and start playing. Tab is extremely easy to read as it's simply 6 lines representing each string and a number for the fret of every single/chord you are to play. I never took lessons, never read books... just read tab. I eventually started playing by ear (once I discovered how sorry the fan tabs online can be... way to contradict my advice).

Anyway, here's a YouTube video of me playing with a guitar I purchased with freebie money if anyone's interested.



02-09-2007 23:55:30

guitar hero is bomb!!!


02-09-2007 23:56:55


Don't overlook the comments. ;)

BTW did Guitar Hero spur you onto this, syrian? P


02-09-2007 23:57:58

[quote2d86c254a1="kingclips"]guitar hero is bomb!!![/quote2d86c254a1]

that deserves a
http//[" alt=""/img2d86c254a1]


03-09-2007 01:38:29

[quote9988e9cd87="kingclips"]guitar hero is bomb!!![/quote9988e9cd87]

http//[" alt=""/img9988e9cd87]


03-09-2007 13:12:21


Don't overlook the comments. ;)

BTW did Guitar Hero spur you onto this, syrian? P[/quotead43d9468e]

yes, yes it did

just because guitar hero doesnt let you play jumpin jack flash, won't get fooled again, like a rolling stone, silvio, or anything else that amazing

FreeEnterprize Joe

03-09-2007 14:10:08

gibson and fender are quality brands.. try to look for quality used gear off craigslist.