Anyone w/ a slingbox and directv???

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01-09-2007 09:39:39

Ok, the Big 10 network is a joke, and now I can't watch U of M on Dish network b/c it's only carried on Directv, so if anyone could hook me up with a feed that would be very sweet.


02-09-2007 23:58:54

whats a slignbox


03-09-2007 00:00:39

[quote694f8cf15a="kingclips"]whats a slignbox[/quote694f8cf15a]

dood, who r u and why have u made like 12 of hte most pointles spost in teh past 10 min??? come no now, no need to post whore , you don't get less noobish by making worthless posts like this one...