Problems with Outlook Express

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30-08-2007 20:50:17

So i installed outlook, tried it for the 1st time ever, did the setting, went too fast and noticed when i check online, all of my emails in my yahoo account are GONE!!!!!!!!!! they all went to outlook!!! terrible. how could i export the emails in outlook back to my yahoo email account? besides forwarding them one by one, which takes long!!



30-08-2007 20:59:10

I'm not sure where, it's in the options or account settings. It's a checkbox that says don't remove emails from the server or something.


30-08-2007 21:04:29

ohhh....i didnt see, theres no way to put them back to my yahoo account?? export them from outlook and import them back to yahoo??


30-08-2007 21:06:24

Don't think so. But this should prevent it from happening again. You could always foward the emails back to yourself I guess. lol.