Late 80's Early 90's Techno/Dance

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28-08-2007 23:16:38

Anyone else a fan of that age of techno....

I was really young, but remember it was just awesome. I never really caught onto the artists names, but i was listening to the radio today and came across some songs that i liked...

Some artists from that time that i enjoy listening to now are

La bouche - tonight is the night
- be my lover
- where do you go
ACE OF BASE - I had their CD AMAZING.... I think i lost it tho... very upset
Amber - This is your night
Culture Beat - Mr Vain
- Send me an angel

I'm sure people can add to my list, and help me locate some of the goodies.

Post ya 90's tracks here!!


29-08-2007 07:13:55

Emerson, Lake, and Palmer. Would that be considered that? lol

or is that 70s. I think it's 80s.

oh... and also "What is Love?" by Haddaway. - '93


29-08-2007 14:47:14

lol of course haddaway


29-08-2007 15:26:29

A little off, but Depeche Mode


29-08-2007 15:45:16

Vitamin C, lol