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28-08-2007 18:00:48

Wanna get paid 3.00 per e-mail with a $30 sign on bonus???!!!??? E-mail me to find out more!!!!!


28-08-2007 18:02:09

I would PM you, but you probably won't answer me since you're banned.


28-08-2007 18:14:18

They got banned for that? What exactly is the problem with advertising stuff? I know it is against the terms but what is the reasoning? Just curious.


28-08-2007 18:15:40

She obviously made an account only to advertise that, it was her first post.


28-08-2007 18:16:52

No I actually saw she had a trade thread too which would not register as a post.


28-08-2007 18:23:54

If you want to advertise your business here, you can buy an ad. But to tell the truth, we're sick of the money making schemes being hawked here lately. This isn't "Project Payday" or some other "work at home" or "get rich quick" forum. Whether she had a trade thread or not is irrelevant, as she isn't participating in the forum discussion other than to trade and advertise, i.e. profit from free advertising.

And on top of that, from the sound of things ("$3.00 per e-mail") it's an e-mail spam scheme.

I don't think so.


28-08-2007 18:29:26

Wow that was fast lol. We set up a trade this morning and this person is already banned o well. I agree with dmorris on this one however.


28-08-2007 18:34:25

Okay, so she made a trading post thread, which proves she's a real person (not a bot). So she read the rules that she agreed to this morning, then proceeded to break them.

It gets old quick.


28-08-2007 18:44:51

[quoteb104451b23="Jeremiah1218"]They got banned for that? What exactly is the problem with advertising stuff? I know it is against the terms but what is the reasoning? Just curious.[/quoteb104451b23]

I think they're a difference between advertising GOOD stuff (such as good deals, USEFUL [take that lightly] links) and advertising scams.


29-08-2007 00:07:12

Well what if I came across a nice legit money making scheme online and just wanted to post it here for other people so they could try it out themselves? Would I get banned or suspended for that?


29-08-2007 00:55:57

primarily, it would depend on whether you decided to use a referral link or a generic URL


29-08-2007 11:59:21

Oh all right, I was just wondering because I came across another money making site and I was thinking about trying it out. It is all legit and has worked for other people, so if it works for me I was going to see if I can post it here for others to try out and get some money for themselves.


29-08-2007 12:32:34

Like Admin said, if you're just sharing a URL for people to check out for themselves, and you care to give your opinion on your experiences with it, that's one thing. However if you intend to profit in any way (direct payment, reflink, etc.) from sharing the info, then don't bother.

And if it's something entirely shady like an obvious pyramid scheme or a spam generating business, I think most of us would rather you keep it to yourself as well. We don't need people getting ripped off from scams, nor do we want to be seen as encouraging e-mail spam.