Need help finding the name of a Sci-Fi documentary.

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27-08-2007 16:14:46

So there was this documentary that was aired on Sci-Fi, either one year or two years ago, I can't remember, all I know is it scared the shit out of me, and I just wanna know the name of it so I can find it somewhere.

It had to do with this family, and this evil spirit (ghost) threatens them and almost kills some guy in the attic by tying a rope around his neck, and then follows the news reporters, and takes a shard of glass out of the locked trash container outside...and a man gets thrown against the wall when him, his family, and others are using a ouija board to communicate with the being. People reported to see the ghostly figure as having a green face with and evil look to it. I'm sure at least one other person here had watched it at the time it aired.

I don't want anything posts like "omg you're such a loser because you believe in ghosts." I just want help finding out the name of this documentary, because I cannot recall it.

Your help is much appreciated. Thanks!


27-08-2007 16:31:23

Ghost Adventures?
Enemies of Reason?
Ghost Hunters?

Dont worry my husband and I watch all the paranormal shows too. In fact one of his college buddies is in the ghost show on the Travel Channel, lol.



27-08-2007 17:42:12

Yeah, I love those shows, too. I'd also be interested in learning the name of that show you saw on Sci-Fi...


27-08-2007 17:45:22

Nah, egyptianruin, none of those ring a bell. (

Ghost Hunters is a TV program. The thing I'm talking about is a 2-hour documentary.


27-08-2007 18:15:22

It could be on here ---


n e wai i think that those stories and reports are fabricated BS but nevertheless they can be fun to watch


27-08-2007 18:21:08

here is a link to the hanging... http//

someone on the comments states that is in the California's most haunted


27-08-2007 18:36:28

I wish I was hung like a ghost.


27-08-2007 18:37:06

[quote1c6c7889f4="winkie"]here is a link to the hanging... http//

someone on the comments states that is in the California's most haunted[/quote1c6c7889f4]
Yes yes yes!! That's from the documentary!!! But no name of it. (

[quote1c6c7889f4="J4320"]It could be on here ---


n e wai i think that those stories and reports are fabricated BS but nevertheless they can be fun to watch[/quote1c6c7889f4]
Believe what you want J4.


27-08-2007 18:46:57

omg you're such a loser because you believe in ghosts.


27-08-2007 18:51:56

Proof Positive was a series that aired on SciFi but according to the episode list at Wikipedia,[=http//]episode list at Wikipedia, there is no mention of the hanging incident.

California's Most Haunted[=http//]California's Most Haunted includes that hanging story as well as 4 others. According to that website, it originally aired on Beyond with James Van Praagh on January 6, 2003. I don't see what channel though, so not sure if it was on SciFi or not. The DVD is available from Amazon.[=http//]The DVD is available from Amazon.

And whoever said in those YouTube comments that this was the basis for The Entity was way off base. The Entity is about the supposed real-life experiences of a woman who claimed to be repeatedly raped and assaulted by some spirit. Plus if I heard correctly, this hanging incident happened in 1989, while The Entity was released in 1983 and based on a true story from even earlier.


27-08-2007 19:12:22

Exactly dmorris. The documentary has its own name, because it was 2-hours long and was aired only by itself. It was not a segment of another show such as Proof Positive.


28-08-2007 00:09:05

You're sure it wasn't California's Most Haunted?


"Compliation of five terrifying ghost stories of true hauntings in California. Includes actual footage of man hung by ghost. "


28-08-2007 06:23:53

Yes. I'm positive. Because it wasn't multiple stories. It was a 2-hour documentary on one story.

Yay! I got it. Thank you for that link. A related film listed along with it was called "An Unknown Encounter." That's it! Ahahah yes! Thanks guys! D



28-08-2007 07:26:07



28-08-2007 08:02:53

Yup. Everyone should watch the documentary. If you don't believe in the paranormal/ghosts...after watching that, I'm sure you will. It took me about 3 months to sleep properly again after watching that.


28-08-2007 10:55:29

Anyone know where I can buy this DVD new, not from Amazon, because Amazon is only selling it from a seller. I tried on the actual website of the DVD, but the purchasing part is down.


28-08-2007 15:26:55

lol, you believe in ghosts and stuff.