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26-08-2007 10:41:31

What UK free sites are there around? I'm aware of Freepay and Free4u but don't know any more.

Or is there any US sites which ship to the UK?

Any help will be helpful



26-08-2007 11:00:57

i can ship some things to the UK, but often times you need to receive the cash-equivalent instead, in the form of PayPal or an international money order.

i know some other sites ship worldwide, but i can't think of who. i'm sure someone will reply who knows...


26-08-2007 11:06:08

Thanks. So if i order CASH by palpay instead, i can get it from US sites?

Anyone else know the answer to the questions in the first post

Thanks gnznroses


26-08-2007 11:24:57

Also another question for you Gnznroses about somthing 4 nothin

If i complete and get all the referrals for a Nintendo DS. WIll you ship to to the UK? If not i wont bother getting all the referrals

And what UK offers have u got?


27-08-2007 10:53:22

Not every site that offers PayPal will send to someone outside of the U.S.

I can ship a DS to the UK. Most anything that is sold worldwide can be shipped worldwide, it's just that a lot of the gifts on Home, Fun, and Tech are not sold globally. Game consoles aren't a problem.
In fact, items aren't actually "shipped worldwide", they are ordered from a website based in your country, so anything you can find on, for example, I can order for you.

I'll PM you the list of offers.


28-08-2007 08:41:00

Thanks mate. Been very helpful