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21-08-2007 22:14:10

All right so the trader "Crouching Tiger Hidden Ga" had a topic up saying he wanted to complete sites so I sent him a PM asking if he can do some sites for far as I'm concerned I did nothing wrong here right? Well here is his exact response to me

can you do dvdrecorders4free or yourfreeiphone for $25 each.
if not your reported for pm spam."

I just wanted to bring this to your guys attention before he does try and report me for PM spam even though all I did was respond to his trade thread...what a joke, actually trying to threaten me into doing his sites.


21-08-2007 22:18:53

I wonder how many "non" mods have read this...


21-08-2007 22:25:21

Wow, I see what he's trying to do here, "blackmailing" you into doing his sites...what an idiot, I hope he gets at least temp banned for this roll


21-08-2007 22:52:33

Lol yeah it would be funny if his little plan backfired...I honestly don't see why he thinks I would do his sites because hes gonna tell on me, how old are we here?


21-08-2007 23:01:32

That's just stupid. The mods would see right through his plan and ban him.


21-08-2007 23:02:35

If he had a topic open to a specific site other than what you pmed him for then you are wrong but it sounds like he just said "any site."

If so, then you did nothing wrong and he should be punished.


21-08-2007 23:14:40

He named a few sites and some of them were from Trainn such as Yourfreeiphone and dvdrecorders4free, so I just PMed him and asked him if he was interested in doing a different Trainn site other than those...IMO this is not PM spam but more of a mere question because he was showing interest in Trainn sites. If I am wrong then I guess ban me for asking a simple question...its not like I was going around PMing a bunch of random people asking them to do my sites.


21-08-2007 23:20:14

Its not wrong for you to do that. I wouldnt mind. I would not black mail you like he did.

MOST people wouldnt mind it at all. Don't worry about getting banned. Its not really PM spam. PM spam is when you just randomly pm someone asking them to do your site.

He is still wrong, youre good.


22-08-2007 00:07:56

mate next time pm a mod instead of bringing it out into the open like this...


22-08-2007 00:31:35

[quote4bac014c10="syriandoode"]mate next time pm a mod instead of bringing it out into the open like this...[/quote4bac014c10]



22-08-2007 01:25:03

why does it matter? This is not a scammer thread, I just wanted to bring it to their attention before he did, and there have been times where I have contacted a mod and it took days to get back to me, so by making a post at least one of them has to see it.


22-08-2007 02:29:51

I look at it as PM spam when someone PM's me and asks me to do a different site than listed. I hate it.

If they wanted to do those sites, they would have listed it.


22-08-2007 02:36:40

Yes, just PM a mod next time..