Authentic Simpsons Kwik-E-Mart/7-11 Memorabilia

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21-08-2007 14:05:20

[quote275df62cb1]100% of all proceeds will go to Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children.

To promote the opening of The Simpsons Movie, during the month of July 11 7-Eleven stores across the country were converted to Kwik-E-Marts. After the promotion, 7-Eleven generously donated the life-size characters and signs from the Lake Buena Vista/Orlando store to Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children to raise money for the hospital.

We have placed the rare items on ebay for auction these are only one of eleven from around the country. [/quote275df62cb1]

Check it out http//


21-08-2007 16:24:36

I assume you will be the high bidder?


21-08-2007 18:13:58

Not bidding on anything...just getting the word out hoping to find someone who might.


21-08-2007 22:43:30

+$140 for shipping???? No thanks


22-08-2007 05:51:00

[quotef859070050="supersponger1979"]+$140 for shipping???? No thanks[/quotef859070050]

"This Large Kwik-E-Mart Sign is approximately 12 feet 9 inches x 33 inches and comes in two pieces." Sounds accurate to me...

Additionally, not that it has much bearing as they are charging pretty close to ACTUAL S&H, it IS for charity.