Drunken Diaries

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21-08-2007 13:14:25

Well I was bored and going through some forums here at work and decided to start a 'Drunken Moments' thread. You know, a thread where everyone leaves a story about how they were drunk and did something (someone) that was completely stupid. Thought it might make good reading.

Disclaimer Not to be confused the the Im durnk thread where you post while you're drunk (or pretending to be).

I'll have to start with one of my own

A few months back after drinking my own weight in Jäger, I went to get cigarettes at cogos. I woke up in the cooler. I think it was a prank my friends pulled on me but they swear that I left on my own. And why the hell didn't the cashier stop me?


21-08-2007 13:17:47

I plead the 5th


21-08-2007 14:21:24

I'm usually to drunk to remember the stupid shit I do

On my 21st birthday I passed out in the middle of the side walk on A-Street in Rochester (hairy should know that street ;) )...very busy night, people were just walking over me, lol...so i'm told.