bent axle

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20-08-2007 23:44:36

So the other night I ran off the road a little into a ditch going like 40 or 50 and smacked my tire in a concrete ditch (don't ask). Now when I drive the car I have to turn the wheel to the left to keep it straight and the steering just seems off, a lot tighter and it seems to pull me around sometimes. Any chance I could have bent the axle?


20-08-2007 23:54:19

It sounds like you bent the tie rod. Its nothing serious, you just need to have it replaced and an alignment to straighten it out.


21-08-2007 06:59:48

Stop driving the car - you have no idea what kind of damage you may have done. You're a danger on the road to yourself and to other drivers. Have it towed to a shop and repaired.


21-08-2007 07:35:08

It might be that it just screwed up your alinement. If that's the case, it's like $60 to get it realined