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20-08-2007 19:15:43

I had a site send me my payment to the wrong email address, they said it takes 30 days to get a refund so i have to wait. i really really need the money because I am moving as well as i have some other business things I'm working on, so i registered that email with yahoo(it wasn't taken) and then added it to my paypal and verified it.
My question is, now how do i get that money?


20-08-2007 20:25:39

um...i'm not quite sure, but shouldn't you get some sort of notice about ti now, now that it's verified and such?


20-08-2007 20:49:06

Thats what i thought. I don't know why neither account has shown payment.



20-08-2007 20:52:03

Cool avatar, natedodd )


20-08-2007 20:52:30

According to them the payment was sent


20-08-2007 21:07:16

thanks, its me at "work" -)


20-08-2007 23:49:53

It won't matter, the money will be refunded to the merchant. I'm assuming the 30 days is PayPal's refund policy.

Here's the deal even though you registered and made a paypal account with that info, it's not going to go through (at least my probability ratio is 90% chance it won't). Here's why It got sent to the incorrect e-mail. Paypal's database didn't find your e-mail so your e-mail got sent an e-mail stating that you have money waiting for you and how to pick it up (probably included a special link too).

Yahoo won't send any mail to that e-mail that was sent prior to the account creation; PayPal won't give you money sent prior to the creation of the account.

Make sense?

Basically, for security reasons and so the money doesn't get in the wrong hands, there is no "re-do" - neither PayPal or Yahoo will re-send the message(s). You're stuck with waiting, unless the site decides to send out another payment.


21-08-2007 17:18:18

Have them re send it after 30 days to the right email.