Stomach Flu - Anyone got any home remedies?

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20-08-2007 16:46:35

Stomach Flu feels like death. Chest congestian is killing me right now. I seemed to have finished the throw up phase just an hour ago. Anyone got any home remedies? Free green if it works!

Big War Bird

20-08-2007 16:54:18

Get plenty of bed rest and you will be better within a week. Now what site would you like to do?


20-08-2007 17:26:59'll have the shits for the next week if it's like what I had a few years ago. I wished I was dead for a number of days.


20-08-2007 17:36:28

Not really a home remedy but still a wonderful remedy at least for me when I had congestion from pneumonia. Mucinex. When I had pneumonia I was also nauseated because the phlegm would drain and go into my stomach. I also drank black tea hot (regular liptons) which is loaded with theopholine and helps your air passages so you can breath better.