Ozzfest was unbelievable...

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17-08-2007 22:47:32

Me, two of my brothers, and a few friends of mine went to Ozzfest at Holmdel, NJ yesterday and it was incredible. We arrived at 12 pm and left at midnight. I'm not big on death metal and was mostly there for Ozzy, but man was it worth the wait. Ozzy came on at 930PM as the finale, and he put on an amazing show. We had lawn tickets, but before Ozzy came on, he called for all the reserved seats to be filled by anyone. I, being close to the rail separating lawn and reserved, jetted and hopped a rail or two and managed to grab a 3rd row seat. It was the the best night of my life, without a doubt. I took a lot of cell phone pics and vids.

http//farm2.static.flickr.com/1104/1144559581_335d9a76d3.jpg[" alt=""/imgf473eae615]

Here are pictures of Ozzy, Zakk Wylde (who fuckin rocks), and some pics of the hustler girls and myself and bros with said hustler girls. All of the pics and videos are unzoomed. I was that close to the Wylde.

[img="f473eae615]http//farm2.static.flickr.com/1336/1145403074_3ca0ac8155.jpg[" alt=""/imgf473eae615]

In the pic with the girls below, I'm the one in the brown/orange (I look like an ass in the pic because I blinked), my brothers are the two to the right, and my best friend is on the left getting a good peak. lol

[img="f473eae615]http//farm2.static.flickr.com/1382/1144537621_6fab796d4e.jpg[" alt=""/imgf473eae615]

Go to the following link for more pictures of Ozzy, Zakk, and the girls.


Here is badass YouTube footage that I recorded with my phone.

Ozzy started with Bark at the Moon, then kept dishing out the classics like War Pigs, Crazy Train, Mama I'm Coming Home, and Paranoid as the encore.

Overall, hell yea.


17-08-2007 23:36:21

Nice. Looks like you had fun. Thanks for the eyecandy. P


22-08-2007 15:36:02

I absolutely LOVE Ozzie!! Glad ya had such a GREAT experience at oz-fest!!!


22-08-2007 20:10:13

hahaha, death metal at ozzfest? hahaha


23-08-2007 08:03:11

Sounds like you had fun,
not into Death Metal (doesn't sound appealing?) Im happy with my Mariah Carey lol. If I was there Id probably be critisizing every note or saying something like, woulda been better if he hit C#8 lol.


23-08-2007 09:18:16

I'm going to ozzfest on Tuesday!!

can't fucking wait!


23-08-2007 13:24:09

Have fun- I've seen Ozzy a couple of times and it's always a good show. )


27-08-2007 13:56:06

Ozz Fest is tomorrow for me!!

the Detroit concert had to start turning people away at 8pm!! Anyone with free tickets were not allowed in

I hope that doesn't happen to charlotte because I can't leave work till 3


27-08-2007 22:15:34

Have fun man, and always be listening for potential seat filling situations, such as what happened to me.

Also, bring a sealed water bottle and your own food. I'm sure you know this, but I blew a solid $20 on just a cup of water and a chicken/fries "meal". Don't forget to bring a lighter too, hah. I felt like a dumbass waving my cell phone around.


28-08-2007 05:03:27

Oh It's game time! Sucks I have to go to work for a bit but oh well i'm getting out early! Can't bring any food in but yeah it's expensive. What I do is just buy a beer ($8) and it's huge 24 oz. and just keep refilling the cup up at the drinking fountain ;)