Lasik surgery

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Bryan R

17-08-2007 20:49:29

Has anyone had lasik surgery, and how did it go? I go in on the 29th for my first exam to see if I qualify.

Bryan R


17-08-2007 20:52:05

I'd love to get it done, I hate my glasses but can't read anything from far away. Do you know how old you have to be to get it done?


17-08-2007 20:57:05

Its recommended for adults 18+ when your visions settles and you stop developing.

Bryan R

17-08-2007 21:03:33

I REALLY HATE my glasses too. I can not see far away either in fact I am legally blind without them. I would get ticketed if I did not wear them to drive, let alone I would probably hit someone or something. I am well past 18.

Bryan R


17-08-2007 21:06:48

Ah, I'm 14 ( I used to have 30/20 vision or something higher, but it got worse when I was 12 or so. If I wear contacts I can't see anything close up, but if I don't wear anything I can't see far away. My only option is glasses, but I hate them (


17-08-2007 21:21:55

you try contacts? without contacts i'm legally blind and can't see jack squat, like 20/2000 vision i was told years ago, and i think it got worse sense then. with contacts i have normal vision. not 20/20, but i think almost.

i didn't know before, but i read about lasik, and they put a metal ring around your eye that has rails on it, then they slide a razor blade basically along the rails and it cuts a flap out of your lense. i've seen it on video too actually. pretty freaky.


17-08-2007 21:25:21

I had lasik done 4 years ago, and I absolutely love it! I went from 20/2000 to 20/16 in one surgery (they had suspected I would need 2 because of my terrible eye sight). I would definitely suggest finding a doctor that uses IntraLase to make the cut for the flap. Its much more accurate than using a metal blade.

My friend who had it done before me said the scariest part was when they flipped over the flap. Sadly enough, my vision was so poor I didn't see a difference.

Anyways, I was already seeing clearly on the ride home. It is such an awesome feeling not to have to deal with contacts or glasses. I am very happy with my decision to have lasik done.


17-08-2007 21:32:00

Both my parents had it done. My dad's vision was so bad that he still needs contacts after the surgery in order to have 20/20 or better vision. I'm thinking that I might end up the same. I have bad astigmatism. They did it when laser surgery was still new and gaining popularity. The procedure they went through required that they keep on the bandages for 24hrs. Things might have improved since then though shrug

I really want to get the surgery done. I'm tired of spending money on saline and more contacts. I've never been able to get daily contacts or color contacts since they would be outrageously expensive.

Bryan R

17-08-2007 21:34:13

I had contacts in H.S. but did not take care of them. The protein buildup caused scaring on the inside of my eye lids so I can not wear them any longer. I would recommend those with contacts to be sure to clean them regularly.

Bryan R


17-08-2007 21:35:54

Yeah, I'm lazy so I buy the multipurpose solution that's supposed to remove protein, but about every 2 weeks I use the enzyme tablets on them.


17-08-2007 22:14:32

i hear lasik has to be repeated after 5-10 years.
there's also more than one kind. i forget what the difference is in the newest method that they're doing some.


18-08-2007 07:45:32

From what I understand, from the normal day to day duties of a normal person, Lasik would actually have to be repeated. A lot of people stare at computers all day long and that causes your eyesight to deteriorate so within a few years you would either have to wear glasses again or get it done again. I spoke with my doctor about it and this was the answer I got "If you feel like getting it done regularly for the rest of your life then go for it. But you're still young so you WILL have to get it again if you do it now."

I just decided to wait for a while. I plan on getting it done eventually.

Big War Bird

18-08-2007 08:04:24

My brother had it done and has had no problems. He had extrememly poor eye sight. I would like to do myself, though one doctor told me that I my eyes are so screwed up that I would still need glasses for some things, but would at least be functional without them.


18-08-2007 08:43:02

my sister wants to get her eyes done. her eyesight isn't as bad as most of the others who have posted, she just doesn't want to have to mess with eyeglasses/contacts anymore. in my opinion, that isn't a good enough reason to want to have a medical procedure on your eyes (since you only have 2 of them).

for those who have had it done, how much did it cost you?


Bryan R

18-08-2007 11:11:00

One doctor that I am considering is charging $800 an eye.

Bryan R


18-08-2007 12:48:56

My eyes are forming blood vessels in my cornea caused by wearing my contacts too much, so I may be forced to either get lasik or wear glasses from now on...