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K2F Owner

17-08-2007 12:01:48

I found a few cool sites to use during the school year. is a proxy site(meaning it can un-block myspace and stuff on school computers) is a site to download some rapidshare links with a premium account is a entertainment site.

These site are also in my sig if you ever forget them


17-08-2007 12:02:30

proxy site sucks...


The Websense category "Proxy Avoidance" is filtered.

K2F Owner

17-08-2007 12:12:21

what is filtered?


17-08-2007 12:16:09

cool, i'll check out soon i'm sure


17-08-2007 12:19:01

The proxy can't even get around websense proxy, your proxy site is filtered, lol


17-08-2007 12:29:36

Wut r this site for??? I check out site but dunno wut to dl. (


17-08-2007 13:45:35

Dont you own all those? I think ya do ;)


17-08-2007 14:51:52

[quote9b6aa69f0d="mike_19"]Dont you own all those? I think ya do ;)[/quote9b6aa69f0d]
Yeah, funny how the WHOIS info is all different, but notice that all three domains are hosted on the same DNS servers. So they're certainly all connected despite the WHOIS effort to make them look unrelated.


17-08-2007 17:52:21

Thanks for your spam.


17-08-2007 18:14:36

Who doesn't love spam in the night?


17-08-2007 19:20:37

yourpremiums doiesn't work cause it says the file is zend encoded