Arite, just a little incite into our Project VIP - LAUNCHED

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16-08-2007 23:22:24

lililiInstead of closing the site, we are going to ask that after you complete an offer, please send in a support ticket so that we can verify your offer completion asap... we are not giving out free greens, so please disregard the green when you first signup... we will fix this shortlylilili

Arite, just wanna give everyone a heads up to a site that me and ZR have spent alot of time putting together...

Be ready for a new freebie site this weekend

We've put all our ideas together, invested in the best creditors, programmer we could find, and time to provide everyone here, our fipg family, with the best possible freebie experience.

We are a site primarily revolved around promotions and benefits for the users... so things to look out for this month in particular as our first month out will be as follows

[beb232759ec]TONS of normally fractional offers being FULL CREDITS![/coloreb232759ec][/beb232759ec]

[beb232759ec]Fractional greeners adding up to full credits so you dont have to worry about those people who green a little and run away[/coloreb232759ec][/beb232759ec]

[beb232759ec]FREE NINTENDO DS LITES on top of your cashout for the top three referral "VIP's" Since our first week out will have MAJORITY of full credit offers, take that opportunity to jump ahead in the race. Top three greener getters after 3 weeks get a FREE BRAND NEW DS LITE, and will be crowned our first month's VIP's with many more benefits to come[/coloreb232759ec][/beb232759ec]





17-08-2007 00:54:16

Arite is not a word.

Everytime I see it I just hear "ah-rit-ee".

That being said, this looks very cool! Keep us posted.


17-08-2007 01:13:33

That's a good idea to start off with; looking forward to it.


17-08-2007 09:08:39

[quote3a12ccd09c="JennyWren"]Arite is not a word.

Everytime I see it I just hear "ah-rit-ee".

That being said, this looks very cool! Keep us posted.[/quote3a12ccd09c]
It's probably a New York/New Jersey thing? =P .

Also. I'm definitely looking forward to this!
I needed a new site to start up on, and it seems like this was the type of promo I was looking for!
I wish you guys luck in the freebie biz!


17-08-2007 09:15:23

[quote049209b3c6="JennyWren"]Arite is not a word.

Everytime I see it I just hear "ah-rit-ee".

That being said, this looks very cool! Keep us posted.[/quote049209b3c6]

Tsk tsk, you missed the wrong "incite" being used too P


17-08-2007 09:23:30

Rock on !! Finally =P


17-08-2007 10:37:16

[quoteb9630e1944="manOFice"]Rock on !! Finally =P[/quoteb9630e1944]



17-08-2007 12:23:45

sorry guys... the lingo cannot help but yo pour into my typing P

ill keep everyone posted!


17-08-2007 17:18:30

Tomorrow at 12 noon- keep your eyes open in Other Freebie sites but we will be moving to our own personal thread within a few days. We will also have Custom titles so that you will know we are the owners of our site. )


17-08-2007 17:21:53

I'd be kind of annoyed by this thread being in the off-topic instead of the other freebie sites section but since it's Zach it's okay. P


17-08-2007 18:04:49

yeah, zach morris is the best


17-08-2007 18:06:51

[quotefcfa91cd46="x323smostwantedx"]yeah, zach morris is the best[/quotefcfa91cd46]



18-08-2007 09:07:58

Took you long enough =]


18-08-2007 09:43:41



18-08-2007 09:58:12 for people as lazy as I am.

ZR - check your PM box


18-08-2007 10:19:06

PM me if you wanna get paid!