Top 3 sites best for newbies????

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16-08-2007 18:15:16

Just wondering what everyones opinions is on the top 3 sites best for newbies?

Ok best as in...1 credit....quick crediting...etc


16-08-2007 20:02:33

I don't really think there are newbie-friendly sites. just try to pick sites that haven't been done by alot of people. that will make it easier to get referrals. for example, rather than picking a popular site like trainn's video ipod, pick something new (make sure it's a legit site).

I guess it might also be useful to pick a site with a good support team, in case you have questions about the process.


17-08-2007 01:10:17

I recommend monster sites for those who deal with me, because in my experience, they credit well and there's great customer service.


17-08-2007 09:14:28

Yourgiftsfree-Best Payout ratio

123Stuffforfree/Zeropricetags-Best Customer Service

And Crediting I'm not too sure about. I've only had a crediting problem 2-4 times in my two years of freebies, and all were fixed with manuals.


17-08-2007 09:24:04

GiftOrb sites of course because I provide awesome support!


19-08-2007 19:16:05 they are great to respond quick credits! I am partial!


19-08-2007 19:42:47

To be honest any Trainn Site...


19-08-2007 21:11:52

[quote9191125352="jdizzle314"]To be honest any Trainn Site...[/quote9191125352]


20-08-2007 07:01:32 definitely.


20-08-2007 11:39:47 looks great, owned by 2 veterans on here, zr and chrome )


20-08-2007 11:40:22

Ugh.... knock off the self-promotion. He wants honest opinions, not cheap shilling.


20-08-2007 12:07:40

no mas.