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07-08-2007 21:10:34

[b8563ef0c2c]How it works[/b8563ef0c2c]
[li8563ef0c2c]Sign up at[=http//]

[li8563ef0c2c] Write a tutorial.

[li8563ef0c2c]We approve, publish, and put Google ads on it.

[li8563ef0c2c]When a visitor clicks on an ad, you'll get paid.
Additional Info[/b8563ef0c2c][=http//] is a profit sharing website. We split ad profit with you 50/50. When someone clicks on an ad in your tutorial, you get you 50%, and the rest goes to us.
-During registration, you will need to sign up for Google Adsense (or link your existing AdSense account to[=http//]
-Google will handle all your payments, and they will see your personal information Ė not us.

[b8563ef0c2c]What can I write about?[/b8563ef0c2c]

You can write about virtually anything baking a cake, taking a vacation to Las Vegas, drawing, dancing, getting in shape, etc. Make sure to include pictures to keep your visitors interested.

[b8563ef0c2c]We ask that you don't post any tutorials on completing free gift websites, and the like. [/b8563ef0c2c]

If you encounter any bugs, have any questions, or want to suggest a new feature, donít hesitate to post. D