Should the site you completed be required in the feedback?

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05-08-2007 19:01:31

I know A4F does this and it was an easy way for me to spot a scammer, as he had done 1 sites 3 times...I just started including which site I completed or paid someone for in the feedback box...I think it might help, who knows.


05-08-2007 19:06:21

The notes field allow for it, although it's not a policy that you MUST add a ref link. It's wise to add it, though.


05-08-2007 22:51:17

I was also thinking about this and I believe this is a great idea.


06-08-2007 00:08:08

Yeah, I think that's a great idea, I actually was just thinking about it about 5 minutes ago when I was looking at someone's TR. Helps get to know a person's trading history as well as spot scammers as super said

sandra habina

06-08-2007 02:32:55

I think it is a good idea to add the site to the feedback comments. That way you can cross check and see if that trader has done your site before. Could save alot of hassle. Nice idea.


06-08-2007 06:35:42

I avoided a trade with someone who later turned out to be a scammer because three other people were thoughtful enough to include the site in their comments. BUT it should also be noted if the person's friend did the site. Not nice to give a bad impression to a good trader.


06-08-2007 17:14:09

Well in certain cases yes but for instance, my GF has done sites for people through my account here on FIPG and so has my friend.

I have probably had 20 or so trades where I gave my friend or my gf the links and having them complete them for some extra cash, maybe that can be specified as well.