Big Lobster

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03-08-2007 21:59:51

we got some claws in at work the other day

damn this one was big

[img937273ded9]http/" alt=""/"214/1572/[" alt=""/img937273ded9][=http//img="][img937273ded9]http/" alt=""/"214/1572/[" alt=""/img937273ded9]


03-08-2007 23:48:01

Ew, stop posting pictures of your midgethands.


04-08-2007 07:59:42

Oh, come on. Where I'm from if you don't catch at least one of those a day, you ain't a real fisherman P

This one isn't a "jumbo" by any means, it was still news-worthy story HERE[=http//]HERE [img540d5d2d72]http/" alt=""/"174/725/[" alt=""/img540d5d2d72][=http//img="][img540d5d2d72]http/" alt=""/"174/725/[" alt=""/img540d5d2d72]

It's a half-blue, half-green/brown hermaphroditic lobster.


04-08-2007 12:06:13

Mmmmmmm.... Pinchy....


04-08-2007 13:04:29

http//[" alt=""/img812e233b87]

11 pound lobster


04-08-2007 14:32:20



04-08-2007 14:50:25

[quote97e3d0d4a1="Tholek"]Fixed.[/quote97e3d0d4a1] confused2

@ that 11 pounder that's decent. It's a little culled with it's crusher, but still. Looks a lot nicer than that lonely claw at the top.


04-08-2007 18:43:21

[quote4dd688f563="Fr1zzank"] confused2

@ that 11 pounder that's decent. It's a little culled with it's crusher, but still. Looks a [b4dd688f563] little[/b4dd688f563] nicer than that [b4dd688f563]sweet looking[/b4dd688f563] claw at the top.[/quote4dd688f563][b4dd688f563]

fixed wink [/b4dd688f563]


04-08-2007 19:20:27

Dinnertime !!


04-08-2007 20:04:08

wow, that would take a weeks pay to order


04-08-2007 20:28:29

In case you were still wondering, he didn't add ".jpg".url==http://=http:///url ;)


05-08-2007 13:38:53

[quote00a3161d16="Rabbitizer"]wow, that would take a weeks pay to order[/quote00a3161d16]

Y'know, that's sad, but true. I hear the horror stories of people living in central Canada (and the U.S.) having to pay about $30 per pound for lobster. Down home you can get lobsters for free, as long as you know a fisherman. If you don't, you can still go down to the wharf, or lobster pound, and get them for $6 per pound. And, on top of that, they don't get any fresher than getting from the wharf.


05-08-2007 15:11:58

I go to Harbor Inn restaurant.. $10 all you can eat buffet -SEAFOOD! and yes LOBSTERS TOO!


05-08-2007 17:14:46

I'm sure it's quality food.

sandra habina

06-08-2007 02:52:31

Wow now I am hungry. I wonder how old that lobster is? Any guesses?