Has anyone ever taken a train down the east coast?

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03-08-2007 11:10:52

I have a dog now, and they dont allow him on the airline that i normally fly ( jet blue).... does anyone know if any other airlines allow dogs (15lbs) with you on top of the plane... cargo'ing the dogs is harmful to them...

i was also thinking about taking a train down to FLA (destination to see grandma) has anyone had any experience with trains?

last resort... driving myself '(


03-08-2007 11:17:22

Just board your dog for a few days or however long you're gonna be....

There are like spa's for dogs where I live, lol


03-08-2007 11:24:15

hes only a puppy and i dont want to traumatize him...


i will be at least two weeks in miami


03-08-2007 11:31:43

It wouldn't traumatize him but two weeks would be expensive, lol


03-08-2007 11:36:35

You can take a train, although I don't know if it would let you take a dog either. A train is a train; although the one I took from NYC to D.C. broke down twice and delayed us by an hour or two.

Perhaps contact a travel agent, if you're having such trouble?


03-08-2007 11:38:06

Travel agent should be able to help


03-08-2007 12:09:27

yea.... arite guys thanks!


03-08-2007 12:15:50

Amtrak doesn't allow dogs, so if you don't want to cargo your dog I think you'll have to drive.


03-08-2007 12:19:01

I drove from NY to NC with my dog....and it will never happen again, lol.


03-08-2007 12:22:22

lol my friend just left last ngiht with his dog to NC... weird...

are you secretly my friend and just not telling me??


03-08-2007 20:42:36

If you take the amtrac auto train you would be able to leave your dog in the car. It's for about 17 hours, and technally not allowed, but I'm sure you can get away with it. I mean the security there is very minimal.

I've taken the auto train from lorton VA to Sanfor FL. And also vice versa, And it was a pretty nice trip. The train is very very spacious. I mean like 10x more room than a plane and the seats are pretty comfortable. I took my laptop and watched movies a lot.

Sleeping sucked. I mean it seemed like everybody slept the whole way there and back, but I had a hell of a time. I can't really sleep sitting up, and at night the train seems to be moving a lot faster than during the day and it's pretty bumpy. The only way I managed to sleep was to go to the back of the car and lay underneath the seats. lol

They have snacks there and coffee and tea that are complimentary. They also serve a pretty nice dinner and a continental breakfast.

Overall I'd say that if you dont' want to drive and can't take a plane, the train is pretty nice. And if it isn't full they let you move around to wherever you want.

It's something to try. I enjoyed myself, but I think next time I would rather drive myself. Ticket prices are similar to a plane, and the plane is faster. And if you are going with somebody else it would be cheaper to drive if you dont' mind it, also a little quicker.


03-08-2007 22:38:26

driving quicker?



04-08-2007 11:48:09

[quote06c9510dfb="chrome89k"]driving quicker?


For me it would have been. Amtrac's schedule says that it takes 17 hours to get from lorton VA to Sanford, FL and vice versa. And when I went it was pretty much right on time. But i then also had to drive 4 hours to VA and 15 min to Winter Park.

Now if you were to just drive from Shamokin Pa to Winter Park Fl it would take about 16.5 hours w/o any stops.


04-08-2007 13:15:44

o wow.... 17 hours compared to 4 lmao...


04-08-2007 13:25:13

Trains?! Who uses trains these days =/! Anyway, I live in the east coast.


04-08-2007 13:27:43

lol... im just in a huge dilemma as to how to bring my 18 lb doggy with me to my grandmothers house... my mother does not want to leave the dog here.... and he is too big for most planes... i WILL NOT drive from NY to MIAMI!!!


04-08-2007 13:48:20

[quote2705332abd="chrome89k"]o wow.... 17 hours compared to 4 lmao...[/quote2705332abd]

I meant the entire trip overall is much quicker if you drive.


04-08-2007 13:56:41

o ok