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03-08-2007 10:07:38

Hi! I just finished my very first site! yay!!
It is a Trainn site, yourfreeiphone. I submitted it for review on Monday and it says accounts are usually reviewed in 2 to 4 days. It's been 4 days and I was wondering if the estimate is pretty close with Trainn.
Basically, I'm just wondering....Today is the 4th day. Can I possibly expect it to be reviewed by the end of today or can I expect a longer wait?
Thank you! Sorry if this is a dumb question.


03-08-2007 10:28:39

Your account should be approved on the 5th day. I cashed out 4 Trainn sites total but they never take longer than 5 days to approve your account. Congrat!!! =)


03-08-2007 10:30:34

Thank you! And thanks for the quick reply!! I'm not impatient, I'm just so excited because it's the first site I completed!


03-08-2007 10:34:21

Wrong forum.


03-08-2007 10:36:11

[quoteff1162ee22="tylerc"]Wrong forum.[/quoteff1162ee22]


I kid I kid lol


03-08-2007 10:37:22

I think you are posting just to tell us that you finished a site.


03-08-2007 10:55:27

[quote1182921250="EatChex89"]I think you are posting just to tell us that you finished a site.[/quote1182921250] Uumm...No I had a genuine question. What forum should it have gone in?


03-08-2007 11:02:03