asking a favor for any with a TV tuner in their PC.

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02-08-2007 19:27:12

I need the David letterman show tapped tonight because my sister will be on it. She is a page for the show and on tonights show they hook a pipe across the street from Jamba Juice over to the studio and she is standing along the line with the other pages. If someone could record it for me I would be forever in debt to you. Could also throw some paypal your way, if you can guarantee it tapes and maybe edit the part with that shot and send it to me. thanks.


02-08-2007 20:01:13

i set my computer to record it, if it does I'll PM you and if you have pownce maybe I could send it to you


02-08-2007 20:22:41

If for some reason guelah75 doesn't come through, I can always send it to you.


02-08-2007 22:06:01

i got it recorded, now to cut it and send it.....but to where

PM me your email


03-08-2007 06:36:38

thank you very much guelah. I really do appreciate the community on this forum. PM sent.


03-08-2007 09:23:07

I watched Letterman last night. HA @ the Jamba Juice.