35W Bridge, Mlps/St. Paul, MN COLLASPED

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02-08-2007 04:37:31

My prayers and well wishes are extended to the survivors, families and victims of this tragedy.

It took me a few grueling hours to make sure my children were safe as I live 2 hours from them. But thankfully we were able to get through and all is well.


02-08-2007 11:11:12

I'm so glad you and your family are OK! That's quite a scare..I don't like bridges much as it is..I couldn't imagine going through that!


02-08-2007 11:40:01

wholey shit! What caused that?!

Just watched a video on it...very horrible day.


02-08-2007 15:49:30

structurally deficient



02-08-2007 16:04:23

MNDOT can't get the money from the government that they need to monitor, repair and take care of the bridges and highways...is this what is has to come down to?


02-08-2007 17:18:37

I'm still stunned, and a little incensed, that the rescue effort was scaled down to "recovery" so early on. It comes off as just wanting to write those victims off asap. The rescue effort at the WTC [i718b2528ee]remained[/i718b2528ee] a rescue effort for far longer than it should have been, and this seems like the polar opposite.

The Twins game going forward also seems distasteful, and I'm not entirely sure the follow-up explanation of it happening to keep people off the roads was true at the time, or rather just quick PR repair.


02-08-2007 17:32:25

I heard 7 or 9 confirmed dead last night. what is it up to now?


02-08-2007 17:49:34

I don't know about dead but at least 79 injured so far.