Should playstation 3's be one referral less?

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31-07-2007 21:11:10

Since the latest price drop from $600 to $500 announced by sony for the playstation 3, shouldn't the referrals be dropped by one also?

I mean on some of the sites the referral amount stayed the same even though the price has dropped. I think the referral amount should drop as well.

Tell me your guy's thoughts and maybe give me some answers. I will respect all site owner's responses as well.


31-07-2007 21:45:01

should probably drop 2 referrals on most sites.


31-07-2007 21:55:29

Mine have been dropped.. but FYI.. they are going back up to 599


01-08-2007 10:54:28

i dropped mine. it's 13 referrals. 13 li $40 = $520


01-08-2007 11:37:08

[quote893b7723fb="turbohim"]Mine have been dropped.. but FYI.. they are going back up to 599[/quote893b7723fb]
For the new 80GB model with game and software emulation.

Has it been confirmed or not that the $499 60GB is going away anytime soon? There have been wildly conflicting reports last I read, with one Sony rep saying yes, another saying no, and back and forth.

The last "official" word I heard, is that production would cease on the 60GB units but they had such a backlog of inventory that they would still be in the retail channel for a long time yet.


01-08-2007 18:17:11

I heard that the prices are going back up for the 80 gb and discontinuing the 60gb model. I heard this from an interview with sony during E3.


01-08-2007 19:00:36

Thank you Sony for playing more games with if the title lineup wasn't bad enough.


02-08-2007 01:22:58

Does anyone know when the 60GB models are set to be discontinued?