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26-07-2007 16:59:18


I'm so excited I can hardly type...
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26-07-2007 17:03:10

i thought with 50 posts you would be a lot more intelligent than this


26-07-2007 17:03:51

So post it.


26-07-2007 17:04:54

later noob and get that link out of your sig.


26-07-2007 17:04:56

he posted his "ref link" in the sig... i could see someone doing this with 1 post, but with 50 come on..


26-07-2007 17:13:38

actually, what does that site sell? It seems to be a program that sends traffic to your link? If so, then I'm kinda interested but I am not going to spend cash on it w/e it is.

Hook us up(since you've obviously already purchased the item). What is it exactly?


26-07-2007 17:22:11

O rly


26-07-2007 17:26:32

how many of these threads are you going to make? it's a pain in the ass to report them when you make so many


26-07-2007 17:30:13

He's been doing this non stop, and I think a mod already edited his ref link out before. I guess he's desperate for people to join his mlm scam.


26-07-2007 17:31:07

Welcome to your 14-day temp ban. Cross-posting in 3 separate threads across the forum to hawk this crap? Like someone else said, somebody with your postcount and TR should know better. I'd have perma-banned you if you didn't have any history here, but next time it WILL be permanent.