Easy DIY site, NO- CC

Live forum: http://forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=67177


25-07-2007 10:29:08

I have already made 42$ off this site, in about 1 hour of work.
If you want to use a site like paypal i suggest doing obopay. It's an offer on the site.
PM me for the site, if you sign up under my ref link + KARMA to you my friend. lol


25-07-2007 10:31:42

You will have better luck in the Trading Post. Folks don't sign up under each other for karma around here, they sign up in exchange for a referral or cash.


25-07-2007 10:33:26

True, but this site I get like no money for.
I only get 20% of what they earn and in a NON-CC site that's like nothing.
Thanks for the heads up though, ill post it in the trading thread D