Going to Miami

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24-07-2007 06:14:37

I will be leaving Chicago in a few hours to head to Miami.......can't wait....anyone else been? Recomendations? Day 1 Happy Hour on the beach.

Big War Bird

24-07-2007 06:19:18

I lived there for three years.

My advice, don't go.

But if you must

Drive through Liberty City. Its the closest thing to a war zone you will see in North America.


24-07-2007 06:41:57

Bad area...


24-07-2007 06:47:42

[quote13363a988d="Big War Bird"]I lived there for three years.

My advice, don't go.[/quote13363a988d]

Kind of late for that, she said she's leaving in a few hours and I'd assume she is flying.


29-07-2007 07:13:23

lmao....i'm staying in south beach..i love it down here......its like sex city down here.

Big War Bird

29-07-2007 07:17:42

And HIV City and Herpes City and . . .


29-07-2007 07:18:34

[quotec2d79499eb="Big War Bird"]And HIV City and Herpes City and . . .[/quotec2d79499eb]

Wow, you really like Miami, don't you?


29-07-2007 07:56:34

okay that was gross, if you dont sleep around then you should be fine....the weather is great, I like that. Love the beach too.


29-07-2007 09:33:27

Miami sucks. I even prefer Baltimore City over it and I hate living here.