Good music compressing / encoder / converter?

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23-07-2007 09:30:59

I recently got Fruity Loops and have been doing a little bit of music work

BUT it is IMPOSSIBLE to find a working converter.. I've tried 5.

Any help guys?


23-07-2007 10:46:28

According to what I've read, FL exports to either WAV or MP3. There are about a million apps that could then transcode to any other format. What exactly are you having a problem with?


23-07-2007 11:38:38

well FL exported it to a WAV thats 80 mbs. When I use other apps to transcode it they bring it down to the usual 4 mbs but all the apps I have used either there is no sound or they error.

So basically I'm having troubling compressing it and it actually working.


23-07-2007 11:40:25

CDex is free and open-source and converts all kinds of formats. there's tons of apps that just use the cdex code with spyware added in, so avoid those...


23-07-2007 14:12:26

I myself use dB Power Amp, works very well and is free.