Flight of the Conchords

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19-07-2007 23:38:58

Enough said, who loves it?

http//www.conchords.co.nz/images/small-holding.gif[" alt=""/imgd4426f3634]


20-07-2007 08:18:41

Haven't seen it yet, but John from Cincinnati I love. I'll probably go back and check this out sometime in the future


20-07-2007 09:16:14

I love that they put their best shows on Sunday. i havnt watched john from Cincinnati yet but big love, entourage, and now flight of the conchords. just go to hbo's website, they offer episodes for free


21-07-2007 18:53:22

I love FoTC.

My rhymes are so potent that in this small segment I made all of the ladies in the first two rows pregnant.


21-07-2007 19:53:40

FotC is the best thing on after Rescue Me right now. Its so damn funny


21-07-2007 20:28:08

I love "The Humans are Dead"


21-07-2007 20:29:50

lol, tape of love, the sticky stuff... wtf


23-07-2007 14:45:28

lol i love this show and entourage. the song where he is talking about the blond girl is classic.


23-07-2007 14:50:42

David Bowie last night was pure comedy. I was laughing so hard.


10-08-2007 22:41:45

They're on David Letterman tonight.


10-08-2007 22:52:06

They were excellent on Letterman! They played Part-Time Model which is definitely in my top 3 (<-Little Inside Joke)


11-08-2007 15:27:37

I love the dry British (or should I say New Zealand) type of humor, the songs are really damn good, I like the stand up performances of the songs better, just because it seems like they were based around stand up and the fact that they don't always play the entire song in the show (like "the humans are dead")