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19-07-2007 18:47:20

I'm looking for a portable touchscreen that's skinny and I can carry around with me that comes with a car adapter. Looking to spend under $200, any recommendations would be awesome!


19-07-2007 19:19:43

like a GPS?

If so, shoulda been to woot.


19-07-2007 19:20:47

Yeah I missed them earlier in the woot off, yeah like a GPS


19-07-2007 19:34:13

i have a tomtom one v2 its pretty nice, not sure how small you are looking for and whatnot

259 on amazon, sure you could get it cheaper


19-07-2007 21:02:25

I've been looking for one too. Garmin gets good reviews for inexpensive GPS units. You might want to look at the Garmin StreetPilot c330, it has a touch screen and gets great reviews but it's around $240.


19-07-2007 21:23:50

magellan maestro 3100 is like 190$ at radio shack.


19-07-2007 21:26:59

I use my Cingular 8125 with iGuidance software + a $80 Bluetooth receiver. If you have a spare PocketPC/Windows Mobile PDA laying around that might be a solution for you. Works great, in fact iGuidance is embedded in a lot of the off-brand GPS units you find in cars. TomTom Navigator is also available for PPC/WM devices, but it's more expensive and a bit harder to configure. I've used both, and while TomTom's maps and POI's are slightly more updated, I like how iGuidance works on my 8125 and it's a breeze to setup and configure. It's much cheaper too in case you buy it.


19-07-2007 21:28:46

Which GPS system has the cheapest updates?


09-08-2007 10:04:43


I want a GPS...want to spend under 200 bucks...any suggestions? I'm open to refurb products


09-08-2007 10:16:26


Pioneer Avic-S1. Great little unit with built-in Bluetooth, touch screen, voice guidance, POI database, MP3 Player, etc etc etc.

I have the In-Dash Pioneer Avic-Z1 and it's great! Pioneer does a good job with their GPS line. ;)


09-08-2007 11:09:09

Hrmm I'm leaning towards the

Magellan RoadMate 2000


TomTom Go 300

Any comments?


09-08-2007 11:32:04

I know for a fact that Magellan makes one hell of a GPS unit. But Tom Toms are good too!

Magellan got a User Review of 7.2 on Cnet


While the TomTom got a very low 5.9



09-08-2007 11:39:19

I bought the magellan


09-08-2007 13:10:50

Nice. Congrats on your new GPS unit! I can't imagine life before I had GPS in my car.


09-08-2007 13:20:11

I'm always getting lost too =P


09-08-2007 13:22:35

YOU'RE always getting lost! In April, I was driving from Charlotte North Carolina back to Nashville and somehow merged onto a different interstate outside of Knoxville, TN and ended up in Chatnooga (about 2 hours out of the way)! haha. How stupid was that? 1 month later I bought an in-dash Nav unit!