I need ideas for companies that donate to charities..

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18-07-2007 22:44:17

I volunteer for an animal rescue that is having a fund raiser in October. My job is to try and get companies to donate things that can be bid on in a silent auction or big prizes that could be raffled. They don't have to be animal related, just things that we can make money off of.

Thought I could pick your brains in case someone out there knows of some companies out there that are good about donations, especially to animal groups. For instance, someone told me that their rescue got a Dyson vacuum donated for a raffle. I would have never thought of that.



19-07-2007 17:18:07

Go to stores like Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart etc. and offer to advertise for them at the silent auction/raffle if they give you stuff to give away.


19-07-2007 22:40:57

Or just ask them for stuff. I got a $100 gift card from Walmart last year for our event and $50 from Home Depot with out advertising anything for them. Local stores will sometimes give items away as well. I had a music store donate an electric guitar that was donated to them from gibson. You just need to make a really sharp letter and go try to talk to managers and ask. The key is too not be ashamed to ask ask ask. If you ask enough places your bound to find some stuff.


21-07-2007 14:05:44

Thanks guys. Yeah, I had a lot of luck with Wal-Mart and Target last year so they are on my list. I was just trying to get ideas for the lesser known places that I might have luck with - especially non-local places. I just 'go fishing' and see what comes up. I got my gym to donate a 3 month membership - whatever we can make money from, I'll take it.


21-07-2007 15:49:00

One trick is

"would you like to donate $1000?"


"okay how does $100, sound?"


simple as that.