what am i doing wrong?

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16-07-2007 19:26:18

first time i did anything like this..thought i was doing it right cause the person i was doing trades for paid me...so i try to get others to be interested in me trading with them...but when i went to other sites for other people...my cc stopped being accepted....so havent been paid by any one else...because i havent gone green for anyone else....bank says nothing is wrong with my cc...any suggestions? ( ?


16-07-2007 19:33:15

how many offer have you tried with the credit card? Maybe just a few offers dont work with your card.


16-07-2007 19:41:52

That happened to me once too! It turned out that I didn't put my exact name on the info for sign up that was on the cc. I forgot to use my middle initial.

sandra habina

16-07-2007 21:55:19

This should be in the help section. Maybe others have more information for you. Also if someone can explain how to clear cookies using firefox, that would be very helpful. I know how to for IE but not sure for firefox and I tamatha wanted to know also.


16-07-2007 22:01:41

Clearing your cookies in Firefox
In your browser's tool-bar, go to "Tools" and select "Options".

When your Options menu opens up, click the "Content" tab. If the "Block pop-ups" box is checked, UNCHECK it.

Now click the "Privacy" tab and make sure that "Accept cookies from sites" is checked.

Next click on "Settings" in the box labeled "Private Data". Check the boxes marked "Cache" and "Cookies", then click OK. Still in the "Private Data" box, click "Clear now..".

From now on, all you'll need to do is click "Tools" from your browser's tool-bar and select "Clear Private Data".

Hope this helps!