impatitent traders

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16-07-2007 15:32:49

First of all, I didn't really know where to put this. I dont think it belongs on "newbie island," and it doesn't really fit under scammers and impersonators either.

When I first joined here, trading was a pretty laid back process. Lower TR makes the first move, and higher TR follows. People did stuff when they had the time, and lives didn't revolve around freebie sites. There was (is?) the general wait 10 days rule. i.e. if the person you are trading with doesn't deliver in 10 days, it is then time to contact a mod.

Lately, the impatience is really get ridiculous. I've seen it in the "scammers" section, and I'm now experiencing it. I'm in a trade with someone, and I agreed to pay when he greened. As soon as he agreed to the trade (Saturday), I went into paypal and requested funds from my bank. He greened today, and I told him the paypal/bank transaction was not complete. He claims it's a "bullshit story," and I should have his money now. Because he was so mad, I payed him the $27 and change that was in my account, and told him I'd give him the rest when it comes in.

I saw something similar happen to ldybug. Another newbie was furious because she had to wait a day to get her money. I guess I'm just trying to say that if you cant wait a few days for <$100, maybe you should be looking for money outside of freebies. Also, just because someone agrees to paying when you green doesn't mean it will come the minute you go green. In most cases it takes a few days for you to green, so wait an equal amount for your money.

Anyone else annoyed by alot of the newer traders?


16-07-2007 17:30:35

I agree, zdub (obviously ;)) it's getting out of hand. We all know what it's like to be new and worried we won't get paid..but have a little patience! I could have chosen not to open their PM and just wait until the next day when the pre-approval was done with, but I wanted to let them know what was going on (my mistake..). I have learned a couple things though.. For one, I'm NEVER going to forget the magical words "payment within 24 hours of green." One lesson learned. Must..stay...positive. D