Transformers on Ebay

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13-07-2007 21:29:46

Yeah another Transformers thread, but it's cool to see the stuff on ebay and how much they're selling for! Unbelievable. How bout that Cube for $40,000K



13-07-2007 21:38:50

$40,000K shock I think you mean $40K wink

As for eBaying movie props, I think it's a pretty good idea, especially if donating to a good cause. However, there's room for fake auctioneers trying to peddle crap as real props.


14-07-2007 14:45:31

Yeah, just a shirt of an alien that was worn in the movie is at $500+.... Ahh, to have money just to waste....


14-07-2007 19:50:56

Nice tax write off though. Haha.