Good cheap vehicle?

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12-07-2007 21:04:58

Hey, i'm in the market for a new vehicle. Heres the criteria

[bbc254ffe82]li[/bbc254ffe82]Under $2,000 (the cheaper the better)
[bbc254ffe82]li[/bbc254ffe82]Reliable. (I don't have the time to put alot of work into it)
[bbc254ffe82]li[/bbc254ffe82]Relatively cheap to insure. (I know this will vary)
[bbc254ffe82]li[/bbc254ffe82]Decent gas mileage
[bbc254ffe82]li[/bbc254ffe82]Not a motorcycle, moped, scooter lol

I've been looking at some of the isuzu SUV's mainly the Rodeo and the Trooper. A couple of my friends have older Troopers ('80 somethings) I like them alot. They look nice and are cheap and reliable. The olny thing is there kind of hard to come across used here.

Anyone else have any ideas? I make about $1,000/mo before taxes so i'm not looking to spend alot, i'm trying to keep it under 2k. I could get some money from my parents but I really don't want to. I'm trying to cut down on my dependence on them atleast financially.

+k for help! Thanks again.


12-07-2007 21:10:17

Honestly, you can pick up a Civic for real cheap. Check out, there's some steals on there you can't pass up. Civic's seem to be all around and there really cheap. Great on gas, and Honda is a really reliable name.

I'm looking into getting an Acura Integra myself. Im getting into the whole import thing. Trust me, you don't want an SUV. Right now I drive a 95 blazer and the thing eats up gas like no other day. Its horrible.


12-07-2007 21:17:54

Japanese FTW!


12-07-2007 21:57:19

Anybody have a dodge neon? Theres a '95 on craigslist for $1,000 it looks hella clean.



12-07-2007 22:15:04

my friend got a 95 nissan 240sx stick for a 1grand... really clean!!!!!! but alot of mileage!

i suggest you get

corolla <--- really great car!!

yes JAP cars!! most 95s should go for around 2grand!


13-07-2007 00:28:30

I'd have to agree with puppeteer about those cars, the corolla, especially. Lots of my friends have 'rollas, and they're such a wonderful, inexpensive car. After all, Toyota does know what they're doin! ;)

Also, no Neons. Period.


13-07-2007 05:16:15

The only neon I would ever take is a SRT-4. You can also check out Chevy Cavaliers. My friend picked one up for $1500.

The japs know what their doing. JDM is the new thing, lol.


13-07-2007 05:39:09

[quote9911afe4e0="JordanE"]Anybody have a dodge neon? Theres a '95 on craigslist for $1,000 it looks hella clean.


That Neon will die on the drive home.


13-07-2007 08:01:48

Try They have all sorts of cars listed all over the country. I would agree with getting a Honda Civic. They stay in great shape for a long time. I also have a Nissan Sentra wioth over 100,000 miles on it. I notoriously beat my cars up, but htis one just wont die.


13-07-2007 13:27:29

Nowadays, seems like people are buying up all the known cheap Japanese cars for the gas milage.

Here's a tip look for American re-branded Japanese cars like the Geo/Chevrolet Prizm.


13-07-2007 13:48:34

You won't get a reliable car for under 2k

Kia's, Neons, Focus's, etc are on the cheaper side.


13-07-2007 16:41:19

Honda Civic, like every American. lol

in all seriousness though it is the most sold car in America and its mileage is pretty damm good for what you're paying for.