Problem With PayPal Help!

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12-07-2007 14:24:42

Ive Been Going[/coloreb74491e13] Green[/coloreb74491e13] For People For Cash Using Paypal But

When I Go To Withdraw tab To Buy Something On Paypal
It Wont Let Me Buy Any Thing It Says My Account Is Unverified Or Some Thing.?
i Thought I Should Come Here To Ask You Guys Please Help[/coloreb74491e13]


12-07-2007 14:28:51

You have to get it verified meaning that oyu have to have paypal put some money into your bank accout and then you have to tell them how much they deposited in order for you to become verified.

You should probably do that if you want to continue trading here on this forum.


13-07-2007 16:59:23

Yes. Verified means you have to link you bank account to your paypal account. Once you do that, they will deposit two small amounts to your bank account. You will then verify the amountAand become verified. The process usually takes 3-4 business days.


13-07-2007 22:51:58

Not only does verified let you transfer money to/from your bank account and PayPal, it makes you a more reputable and trustworthy trader.