Bush Press Conference

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12-07-2007 08:38:38

I know some of you must have watched it.. whatcchhaaa think?

I think it was one of his better ones in a long time.

Please note, I am not Republican nor Democrat.


12-07-2007 08:42:40

Yeah, I thought it was pretty good too.


12-07-2007 09:01:59

Did he actually say something new?

I'm a frustrated republican.


12-07-2007 09:44:14

I know a lot of republican's who are now done with Bush after he pardoned Libby.


12-07-2007 09:49:48

^ Yeah he ignored that issue (well at least tried)


12-07-2007 09:57:06

according to msnbc.com

"cause for optimism"
Amid mixed report on Iraq, Bush reaffirms US Committment
[video unwavering support]

so in other words nothing new...thanks prez



12-07-2007 10:29:18

[quote7a46d9a578="justinag06"]I know a lot of republican's who are now done with Bush after he pardoned Libby.[/quote7a46d9a578]

I think as a president he used he base up way too fast.


12-07-2007 11:24:12

I'm not frustrated by the Libby pardon. All presidents lately use their pardon power to let off people they support. I'm frustrated by the immigration bill he tried to railroad through. I no longer trust him domestically and it makes me wonder if I can trust him on foriegn policy.

Just very disappointed that we didn't get who I thought we were electing.


12-07-2007 11:42:31

What bothers me most by the anti-Bush sentiment that permeates everything these days, is the low expectations it may have generated for whoever replaces him. By that, I mean that it's so PC to say how bad Bush is, and that [i525dc269ed]anyone[/i525dc269ed] would be better, that it sets the bar low for the next person. It would be ironic indeed if this is actually the case.