Smirnoff Source=alcoholic water.

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11-07-2007 17:06:26

Found this in an ad while surfing the internet. Pretty crazy that a company would create something like this. I would never buy it, but could slam some after playing pick up basketball games to get refreshed, haha.



11-07-2007 17:46:29

ive seen this in stores and i bought it.

it isnt bad tasting and kinda refreshing


11-07-2007 19:20:34


Can you taste the alcohol in it?

Seems like an awesome way to get chicks drunk, lol.


11-07-2007 19:28:06

My friend told me these things are disgusting...unless he is just being stupid like always.


11-07-2007 19:56:33

They're actually pretty good. They aren't sickly sweet like regular Smirnoff drinks. Light citrus taste. A little like Sprite..and I don't even like Sprite shrug

A little pricey though.

Oh, and only 3.5% alc. so unless you're trying to get an 80lb girl drunk on them, good luck. D


11-07-2007 20:09:28

This'll be the next big thing for alcoholic joggers.


11-07-2007 20:31:19

[quotefa3f47500c="wasabe"]This'll be the next big thing for alcoholic joggers.[/quotefa3f47500c]
glad you're back wasabe