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10-07-2007 01:02:22

I've got an idea for a recycling business in my neighborhood.

I would like some feedback from other members on my idea.

Basically, I'd start out with collecting people's newspapers and soda cans and charging them $5 a week. I'd pick up once a week, throw it in my truck and take it to the recycling center.

So the question is, would you pay for a service like this?

I'd like for my business to start a trend in my area to make a greener place and help the environment. I'd like to call the project Make Mobile Green, and I'd like to expand it eventually into a full-scale recycling business. I've always worried about land fills and that kind of thing, so this would be my perfect first business!

I just don't know if people are ready to pay for something like that, especially since I'm in the south.

So what does everyone think?


10-07-2007 04:56:30

Recycling is a pain in the ass to begin with. I don't know too many people who would pay for it. I mean the only reason people recycle pop cans is that they have a deposit on them, but even that doesn't do it anymore.

Basically what needs to happen to really make the earth a "greener" place, is that recycling has to be directly tied to our checkbooks. When it costs us more to throw shit in the trash than it does to deal w/ recycling it, then it might start to make a dent, but until then I figure if I'm already paying for garbage, why pay for something else?


10-07-2007 06:14:21

My garbage pick up people already do it with Yellow and blue bins. One for pastic and tin, the other for newspaper


10-07-2007 07:12:51

^^ Same. Waste Management has a system that allows us to throw everything into one plastic bag. It's a lot more convenient than separating each type. There's also free drop-off places around town.


10-07-2007 09:50:51

Well that would be great around our town! But we're Alabama and don't seem to catch on as quickly as other folks for some reason. roll

Thanks for the insight guys!


10-07-2007 10:25:00

You may already have some in your area but don't know it. I'm big on recycling and the environment and I keep all plastic and paper so I can recycle them. Every Monday we can put out plastics and paper, as well as yard waste such as tree branches, leaves, plants etc.

Have a look at this site to see if you already have somewhere in your area to recycle http//[]http//

If not, then definitely get one started. However, you may need a business license or some other form of permit to operate in your local area and you'll also have to think of the tax implications if it takes off.

Either way, it would be very much worth it.

Don't just think of plastics and paper, but batteries, lightbulbs, computers, printers etc. If people have a lot of those lying around in their houses they may be very willing to pay $5 for you to take it all of their hands.


10-07-2007 10:28:27

maybe $5 a month, for $1 a week. but most people aren't going to pay $5 a week to recycle.


10-07-2007 10:40:24

I would.

But then I think caring for and protecting the environment is worth $20 a month. Obviously some people have more important things to spend $5 a week on.


10-07-2007 19:52:13

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10-07-2007 20:13:52

i would pay as well. easy solution for those who care but are too lazy to do something about it.

althou i can see why 76% of the ppl here would not do that...

and you could collect the used things as well, that would be even better )


10-07-2007 22:02:54

Just the other day our entire neighborhood got those blue garbage cans to put recyclables in & I think it's awesome, i've wanted one of those for a while now. If we hadn't gotten those I would definitely take part in your idea.


10-07-2007 22:56:33

[quote905533a1a4="tylerc"]LYKE B00ZE N PR0N!!!!1[/quote905533a1a4]
This man is smart ... D


11-07-2007 01:18:26

Thanks again guys for the insight.

I've kinda lately been thinking I want to one day own a company dedicated to engineering environmentally friendly household products that would make it convenient for every American (and eventually whoever else) to help the environment in their daily activities (cleaning, cooking, etc.)

I think with the whole global warming craze, the country will soon become very aware of the environment and the implications of what's going on, and products that could both make some chore convenient and help the environment would be very popular.

But it's just a dream...