Car troubles - Shifter won't move from Park

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09-07-2007 10:04:35

My friend and I were just about to go run some errands and her car ('94 Escort station wagon) won't shift out of Park.

First of all, we tried pressing on the break harder, moving the steering wheel, shaking the car, checking the fuses, checked the oil and the battery, made sure E break isn't on, and tried finding an override switch.

I checked Yahoo Answers, but none of the suggestions worked, and people seem more interested in getting points than answering a question anyways..We also called a Ford dealership and everyone's on lunch, so I thought I'd check here to see if anyone can offer some insight and/or suggestions.

All we wanna do is take garbage to the dump lol Help!

EDIT My boyfriend is a mechanic (doesn't work as one), but he's at work and I don't want to bother him with this. He'll be home around 4 (EST) so we can get it figured out then, if not before.


09-07-2007 11:09:46

Many times there's a manual shift lock override button near the shifter you can use to disengage the transmission. Also, seems silly, but if the car is not started, or in "accessories mode" (radio on, car not started) the car won't come out of park as a safety feature.


09-07-2007 11:23:20

I had a car once where it wouldn't go in reverse (that was fun). Found out there was a small plastic thing got stuck in the gear. I just took it out and my reverse came back. D Stupid mechanic didn't even look there.


09-07-2007 11:25:15

Okay, this is ridiculous..We were loading the back of her car with garbage bags, and she hit a switch on her hatch door (a light switch), and she thought of that, switched it back, and it worked no problem. Who woulda thunk it? shrug