anybody remember gearlive quicktrade?

Live forum:


07-07-2007 22:06:42

i just recently decided to sign up on this forum, but in the beginning days of me being a freebie enthusiast i would go on gear live QT and IM/email people asking to trade. i would find so many refs that way! just wondering if anyone else used it or knows of a similar site with similar services? not that the trading post here isn't excellent, just wondering.



07-07-2007 22:59:11

I started on GL QT too...


07-07-2007 23:10:32

^ Weren't you a GL mod?


07-07-2007 23:12:40

[quoteb2bd63e7ec="J4320"]^ Weren't you a GL mod?[/quoteb2bd63e7ec]
Yes sir. My first foray into freebies was QT and then I joined the forums and the rest is history...


12-07-2007 03:58:36

Wolf was an inspiration to us all. )