Would you sell xbox360 + gears for $300

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07-07-2007 10:13:24

Someone offered me 300 for the 360 + gears, this is the premium model... should I sell it? I don't play it too often but still I don't want to get lowballed.


07-07-2007 10:27:12

It's really up to you.. would you rather have $300 or 360+gears? Figure out what you would use the money on, and decide if you'd rather have that or the 360.


07-07-2007 10:33:44

Yeah that's a pretty good deal. But tell him $325 so you might get an extra $25 )


07-07-2007 10:37:43

Shipping is going to cost you like 30 bucks cause youre going ot want it insured. If that is the cost shipped then no I would not sell it. If you really want to sell it, say 330 shipped.


07-07-2007 11:59:22

lol, here I am debating if I should keep a video game system at my age.... pathetic...

I'm selling it.... it's 300 locally.


07-07-2007 13:56:02

A friend of mines bought a premium 360 with 2 wireless controllers for $270 total.

So it seems $300 is about right. ;-)