WOW xbox 360 warranty extended to 3 years

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05-07-2007 14:19:30

It's retroactive too, so if you've paid for repairs in the past, you should be able to get your money back.



05-07-2007 14:27:48

Wow, that's great customer service. I'm not normally a big Microsoft fan but I've got to compliment them on that decision. But I wonder how those folks who paid for extended warranties just for that reason feel about this? I was planning to buy the extended warranty just before my 1 year ran out, now I won't bother. Of course mine is very well ventilated and doesn't get a lot of heavy gameplay, so mine will probably be fine.


05-07-2007 14:28:52

Oh hell yea. Finally, they're acknowledging the hardware failures and doing something about it. My 360 is out for repair right now and my 1 year expires next week. This is great news.


05-07-2007 14:52:32

Sweet! I have had mine for about a year and a half, no problems so far, but this is great news!


05-07-2007 14:52:40

Im already covered through 2009 since I purchased 2 year extended warranty last year. So wow, now I'm covered till 2011. shock


05-07-2007 15:03:52



05-07-2007 15:14:59

wow wtf i guess i wasted money on the 2 year warranty /


05-07-2007 15:21:33

Yay! Mine randomly freezes and gets disk errors a lot of the time. I should send it back now. )

Edit - Looks like it's only for the 3 flashing red lights. I'll just have to put up with the freezing and the disk errors. (


05-07-2007 15:27:05

Time to go on ebay buy broken 360 and flip them ^_^


05-07-2007 15:40:43

[quotedaf62d61ba="jdizzle314"]Time to go on ebay buy broken 360 and flip them ^_^[/quotedaf62d61ba]

not a bad idea, except you would need to get the original receipt from the ebay seller to prove that the console is <3 years old.


05-07-2007 15:48:32

No you woudl be able to tell in the system how old the system is = 0..when u send in an xbox 360 you dont send it in with a recipt


05-07-2007 17:40:44

sweet i can get my cash i just paid them back. i am having gears withdrawal although most of my playing time is on rappelz and motostorm now )


05-07-2007 17:41:05

btw big ups to the evil empire for this one


05-07-2007 17:58:11

Ya, although I thought according to MS, there was no problem? I kid, I kid.


05-07-2007 18:44:49

[quote14a033f7eb="jdizzle314"]No you woudl be able to tell in the system how old the system is = 0..when u send in an xbox 360 you dont send it in with a recipt[/quote14a033f7eb]

Yeah but you have to register it before you send it in for repair. I think they would notice if you had a bunch coming in


05-07-2007 18:50:59

would buying a broken one off eBay and sending it in work?


05-07-2007 19:13:55


Xbox 360 Repairs Will Cost Microsoft $1B
Thursday July 5, 754 pm ET
By Jessica Mintz, AP Business Writer
Microsoft to Take $1B Charge for Xbox 360 Warranty Extension

SEATTLE (AP) -- Microsoft Corp. said Thursday it expects to spend more than $1 billion to repair widespread hardware problems in its Xbox 360 video game console after a large number of them broke down.

Microsoft said it would extend the warranty on the Xbox 360 to three years after too many of the consoles succumbed to "general hardware failure," but the company provided few other details about the extent of the problems.

"We don't think we've been getting the job done," said Robbie Bach, president of Microsoft's entertainment and devices division, which also makes the Zune digital music player. "In the past few months, we have been having to make Xbox 360 console repairs at a rate too high for our liking."

Bach said the company made some manufacturing and production changes that he expects will reduce Xbox 360 hardware lockups, but he declined to identify the problems or say which others might remain. Microsoft said it will record a charge of up to $1.15 billion for its fourth fiscal quarter, which ended June 30, to cover the additional costs associated with the warranty extension.

The software maker also said sales of the console fell short of expectations for the fiscal year that just ended.

Matt Rosoff, an analyst at the independent research group Directions on Microsoft, estimates that Microsoft's entertainment and devices division has lost more than $6 billion since 2002.

Microsoft has written down larger amounts in the past -- more than $10 billion in the late 1990s related to investments in telecommunications companies, and more than $5 billion related to antitrust issues -- but a $1 billion write-down for one division in one quarter is significant.

"It suggests the problem is pretty widespread," Rosoff said.

Microsoft will pay for shipping and repairs for three years, worldwide, for consoles that experience hardware failure, which is usually indicated by three flashing red lights on the front of the console, something gamers sometimes refer to as "the red ring of death." Previously, the warranty expired after 1 year for U.S. customers and 2 years for Europeans.

Microsoft also will reimburse the "small number" of Xbox 360 owners who have paid for shipping and repairs on out-of-warranty consoles, Bach said.

In June, bloggers speculated that the Xbox 360 return problem was getting so severe that the company was running out of "coffins," or special return-shipping boxes Microsoft provides to gamers with dead consoles. "We'll make sure we have plenty of boxes to go back and forth," Bach said in an interview.

Chris Liddell, Microsoft's chief financial officer, said in a conference call that the company sold 11.6 million Xbox 360 consoles since the product's November 2005 launch, missing a target for 12 million units by the end of the fiscal year.

Microsoft's entertainment and devices division reported an operating loss of $315 million on $929 million in sales for the three-month period that ended in March.[/quote8b0721ba8d]


05-07-2007 23:15:01

[quote37474339cf="ragefu"][quote37474339cf="jdizzle314"]No you woudl be able to tell in the system how old the system is = 0..when u send in an xbox 360 you dont send it in with a recipt[/quote37474339cf]

Yeah but you have to register it before you send it in for repair. I think they would notice if you had a bunch coming in[/quote37474339cf]
So what if they do i can just be like i own a lan store and these many broke lol..make up a reason you def could get away with what i am talking about


06-07-2007 10:14:20

lol i tried calling while posting yesterday and waited a half hour and gave up. i will wait a few weeks and if they do not send me a cheque i will call them.


06-07-2007 11:05:12

What if we got ours from freepay and didnt have a recipt?


06-07-2007 11:20:10

exactly you dont effin need one /


06-07-2007 11:21:54

word? Awesome!