Happy Fourth of July!!

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04-07-2007 00:01:37


Happy[/colord88f9ac4ad] 4th[/colord88f9ac4ad] of July[/colord88f9ac4ad]!![/sized88f9ac4ad]

Enjoy and stay safe!

Any plans?

I'm going to see our city's annual fireworks show which is spectacular. Then I'm going to light some works that I'm going to buy.

Then its off to work at 2AM. lol


04-07-2007 00:18:17

Going to my boys BBQ later today 8)


04-07-2007 05:26:48

Happy 4th everyone!

I'm going to a family friends' house, they have a pool/BBQ. D


04-07-2007 07:01:49

Yippy Happy 4th of July!!![/size3f565a433c]
Watching the lights in my front yard. Since Im so close to the park!
Having some people over for bbq! So if you want to fly to wisconsin
come on over!! BYOB! wink [/color3f565a433c]


04-07-2007 07:15:36

Happy 4th, everyone! Just a family cookout for me!


04-07-2007 07:28:07

Just got off work, gonna go golf here pretty soon... after that just chill with the girl...


04-07-2007 08:05:42

wohooo party! lol


04-07-2007 08:30:59

Happy 4th to everyone!! It's a rainy day here in NY, but that doesn't stop us from having fun D D

Have fun today everyone and be safe!! )


04-07-2007 09:19:09

Happy[/color9ae68ba9a5] Fourth[/color9ae68ba9a5]!! Going to see a movie with the kids, then home for some swimmin' and grillin'. We already saw some fireworks on Sunday night, but maybe we'll go see more tonight!! Enjoy the day, everyone!!


04-07-2007 14:20:06

Happy 4th to all!

I enjoyed the fireworks show last night and now its off to work today...

I hope everyone else enjoys their holiday ;)


04-07-2007 14:29:22

Happy fourth everyone. Be safe!

I went golfing with my dad earlier. I'm going to a couple parties with my friend in a couple hours.

Kinda sucks, its so hot out they canceld most of the fireworks displays. But we're doing are own anyway..


04-07-2007 14:34:37

It's storming all night here (


04-07-2007 15:15:18

It's pouring here as well. Just had a tornado fly a mile north of my house couple hours ago. Now I'm at work... yay. Luckily I did my fireworks last night. All $700 worth. ;)


04-07-2007 16:07:15

[quoteb1879965d5="givmea1032"]It's pouring here as well. Just had a tornado fly a mile north of my house couple hours ago. Now I'm at work... yay. Luckily I did my fireworks last night. All $700 worth. ;)[/quoteb1879965d5]

hopefully it stops soon! I have fireworks left to shot off! Topeka should be out of it soon unless it keeps building... it built just north of my town and is moving south over us now, i think it'll be done within the next hour or so...


04-07-2007 16:42:57

I did all my celebration yesturday...I'll be home now studying for my calc test 2maro


04-07-2007 17:23:25

Happy 4ht everyone!

Pouring here as well.


04-07-2007 17:24:12

I bought $100 worth, my dad bought $50 worth, and my friend bought a $50 finale firework.

So we'll be enjoying tonight!


04-07-2007 18:31:36

Just had a friend and his family over, cooked out, going to blow shit up soon.