Anyone know

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03-07-2007 12:23:06

Pres. Bush made a speech

There was a sentence that was always used in TV songs and stuff

Something "weapons of mass destruction"

these words has changed the world forever

it was on linkin park songs or fort minor

I forgot the sentence was, I really need it for my paper D


03-07-2007 12:27:33

I don't know if this will help or not!



03-07-2007 13:20:57

I could probably find it, I'm just not sure what you were asking for in the OP.


03-07-2007 14:20:56

it was a sentence,

it was quoted by alot magazines, newspaper, TV commercials, songs

it was one sentence or two..

and the comment would always say

they described it as "Words that will change the world forever" something like that


03-07-2007 18:42:20

again here first time used http//