Paying for credit card

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unknown uchiha

02-07-2007 17:13:34

So I've got a small ($40) bill that I need to pay off this month by the 16th. Problem is, I'm in another country and cannot access my current bank account to add money to it (I need to transfer money but I don't have total access to the account I'm transferring from).

I basically want to ask this

Is it possible to pay for my credit card bill using someone else's online banking, in a different country? If not I may have to go ahead and get a money order or something o.o


02-07-2007 19:43:26

what I would do is this
call the credit card company and explain the situation.
most cc companies will either waive the late fees or extend ur due date


02-07-2007 21:40:44

Call a relative and have them send a check. Online banking would be fine, the credit card company doesn't care where the money comes from. Just make sure your account number is right especially if the name is wrong.